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Then Jesus Danced for Me!

(a written account of a recent Sunday Morning worship encounter). _______________________________________________________________ As I entered the sanctuary I knew, deep in my spirit, that this team of dancers who had come to lead our worship service, were themselves encountering God with … Continue reading

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Is Job an Exceptional Story?

This is not meant to be a teaching but rather an acknowledgement of honest questions. The book of Job, in the Bible, invites us to imagine other conversations between God and Satan. We can draw lessons for how to do … Continue reading

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My Heart Melts When…

I listened last night to a mother telling a story about her two children. The story developed from the experience of dropping these two, ages 4 and 6, off at a neighborhood church for a summer children’s program. Preparation for … Continue reading

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And He Cried

I heard a story this week told by a friend from India who has served as a missionary there, in her home country, for many years. As we talked she was reminded of a time, decades ago, when some refugees … Continue reading

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Discovering God’s Handwriting

We were entering the Kindergarten classroom that was prepared with written messages on paper tablecloths, plates of cookies and boxes of juice. This reception followed the concert we had just attended. My reason for coming was standing next to her … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Glory

Most days seem to run their course and, if anyone would ask us to report the highlights, we would sort through the routines looking for something interesting to tell. But then, there are those breakthrough moments when we become aware … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t See Any Benefit to It!!!

During a conversation with a dear friend this afternoon she told me that their house, which has been on the market for sale or rent for quite some time, has been rented on a solid basis at a good price … Continue reading

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My Lunch Today

We have stories in the Bible of God asking people to bring what they have to Him and then He takes the scraps we bring Him and does a miracle. One example of this is the story of Jesus feeding the … Continue reading

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A Prayer for a Steadfast Story

Our Father in heaven, my heart is filled with worship. I am especially grateful today for your story. You created us to walk with you but we decided to cut own path. Then, you created a way back through faith … Continue reading

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