This word/sound came to my mind today and stirred memories. I couldn’t remember if it actually had a meaning or if my sister and I had only attributed a meaning to it when we were children. Out of curiosity I typed it into a web site and was surprised to find it.

The sound Eee-Yah-Kee comes from the Lassie show of the 1950’s. The two boys, who were Lassie’s human friends, would call it out to each other. It was a form of recognition; it was the assurance that they were there for each other. Somehow, it meant everything would be OK because they were together. They also said it when one left for another state.  In that scene it was kind of a goodbye that acknowledged physical separation but kept the souls intact.

Back in those days my little sister and I would watch our small black and white TV and become absorbed in the story of Lassie. We must have somehow recognized the essence of the word Eee-Yah-kee because it became a code between us.

During these years when our parents struggled I would say this “word” to my sister and write her letters with it as the signature. I wanted her to know that we would be OK. I wanted her to recognize that she was not alone. I didn’t want her to be scared. I was the older sister and I would be there for her.

Is the heart of Eee-Yah-Kee simply a personal code that strengthened two sisters back in the days of black and white TV or can we wring meaning from it today?

Why do I want to write about it in Silverstrands: faith through aging eyes?

Am I longing to hear someone say this “word” to me?

Am I looking for someone that needs to hear it from me?

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5 Responses to Eee-Yah-Kee

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Childhood Friend, It might be a surprise to you that EEE YAH KEE has a childhood tie to you and me not realized until I read this blog . As best childhood friends we were there for each other. Although our lives took different paths for many years, we were reunited through God’s guidance When you come home again let’s take another road trip reviewing the past and contemplating what lies ahead. But mostly let me take you to my sons driveway as you near the village limits where he parks his car sporting the llicense plate EEE YAH KEE. The family call to gather my daughter n law and the 17 siblings of her family. EEE YAH KEE was a code to them as it was to you and now is to me. EEE YAH KEE My Friend EEE YAH KEE! Love Always MAR

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    And EEE YAH KEE to you! Maybe this is the cry when words are too weak to convey the strength of a bond. I look forward to another road trip this spring. I am glad that your son has picked up the call. May our childhood knots hold tight as we navigate faith through aging eyes. EEE YAH KEE. Roselyn

  3. Gail says:

    This call has been used for over 40 years in my family. I taught my four children to call it out if they got separated in a crowd / lost or needed to be called by me to come home while playing . It was passed to my nieces nephews and now my five grand children . My brother in law used it to call friends together while playing hide and seek as a kid .and it stuck .

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for reconfirming my belief that just about any question can be answered on the web…as an only child I spent a lot of time alone watching tv and once in a while I called out from the backyard and one day someone answered…was trying to tell my 50 year old daughter about it last night…she and my husband thought I was crazy but I attempted to spell it out and there was your post…thanks for the memories

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