Default Setting

What does the word “default” really mean? In the English language, the word “default” can be used in many different ways, but the definition I want to explore here is what does the technician mean when he says that your computer or your phone acts in a certain way because that is the default setting. I have learned that in this context.

Default – is the option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified

If this is possible with technology could I also create some default settings in my heart?

When I find myself the recipient of disappointment do I default to trust, or do I need to take the long road with stops at the village of doubting the goodness of God, the city of battling God for control or the continent of immobilizing fear?

I remember my first experience of learning to play tennis. I did great for my first two lessons and then not so great on my third. I told my instructor I thought I was getting worse instead of better. She replied that she was just  serving me harder shots to return.

There is no denying that when God gives us the gift of a long life it comes with some pretty tough return shots. This blog is subtitled “faith through aging eyes,” and I wonder if the confession of the aging person needs to be that the battle intensifies and sometimes we resort to the default setting from exhaustion.

What are you doing to make trust your default setting?

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