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False Reading…Please Try Again

Before I get to the point of this post, I need to share some of the background thoughts that have led to this moment of awareness. As a nurse, although my practice dates decades, I have a distinct memory of … Continue reading

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No Sunday Shoes

I carefully chose clothes to wear to church today. I tried to find something that is casual but respectful of an environment that facilitates the worship of God. I wore nice slacks, a black top and a classy black and … Continue reading

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Have an Answer Ready

I was given these five questions, under the title “You Have an Enemy” and asked to respond in a written interview. The quote by Neil Anderson was included in the request. These are my answers. I welcome your thoughts and … Continue reading

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Glimpses of Glory

Most days seem to run their course and, if anyone would ask us to report the highlights, we would sort through the routines looking for something interesting to tell. But then, there are those breakthrough moments when we become aware … Continue reading

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My Sister Is Homeless!!!

I was expecting to sit with my husband during Sunday morning worship, letting the music draw me into the Presence of God and letting my mind be instructed by the teaching from God’s word. All of the above happened but with … Continue reading

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It’s Not About the Hymns

A pastor who led a worship team at a local church introduced himself as one who works in the “war department.” It seemed to be a “given” that whatever style of music was prayerfully chosen for the worship service, someone … Continue reading

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