Glimpses of Glory

Most days seem to run their course and, if anyone would ask us to report the highlights, we would sort through the routines looking for something interesting to tell. But then, there are those breakthrough moments when we become aware that there is an alignment between the desires of our heart and the reality of our experience.

The old hymn writer puts it this way, “hast thou not seen how all thy longings have been granted in what He ordainth?” When we get a glimpse of our experiences actually being that for which we have longed, rather than something with which to cope, we are moved to worship. May God open our eyes to these glimpses of glory.

When we find a thread in our life that doesn’t seem to have a purpose may we trust that it is being woven into a story yet to be revealed. May our glimpses of glory give us courage to praise and resound to the praise of His glory.

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1 Response to Glimpses of Glory

  1. Marie says:

    Beautiful reminder!

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