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It’s Not Because He Doesn’t Care

My cell phone made the sound that lets me know I have a message. As I listened I found myself hoping I was misunderstanding what I was hearing. But, as I listened again there was no denying that my friend was … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know We Were Poor

I didn’t know we were poor. I had a long conversation today with a friend from my childhood. Her reflections on her growing up years reminded me that I knew back then what I still know now; her family was poor. … Continue reading

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Black Friday

by Jean Roesler Today is what we now call “Black Friday.” For retailers it marks the first day of the Christmas shopping season and the day that brings them from operating in the “red” to the “black.” You might say … Continue reading

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My Thanksgiving Prayer

I thought it would be easy to write a thanksgiving prayer but I am finding it hard. It is hard to know how to start. It doesn’t feel rightt o say “thank you” to God when I use this same … Continue reading

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Is “Died” the Best Word?

Last week a veteran missionary who was loved by many died. It was not a sad death. This lady had wanted to die for a long time. In fact, many of us had been praying that she could be released … Continue reading

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My Lunch Today

We have stories in the Bible of God asking people to bring what they have to Him and then He takes the scraps we bring Him and does a miracle. One example of this is the story of Jesus feeding the … Continue reading

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I Can’t Find My Glasses

This is a confession that I hear regularly from my friends and I say it just as regularly myself. This week, this true story, reveals a place to look for them that I have never thought about before. Two friends and … Continue reading

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