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Freedom to Seek Extravagance

It is one of those phone calls that melt my heart. My granddaughter, age 6, is asking me to take her to the store. She’s only initiated phone contact a few times so her planning this event for us to … Continue reading

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My Eyes Saw Only One

There must have been at least 60 kindergarten children singing and speaking at the concert in the school gymnasium this morning. Folding chairs had been placed theater style so the parents and grandparents with their zoom lens cameras could view … Continue reading

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Discovering God’s Handwriting

We were entering the Kindergarten classroom that was prepared with written messages on paper tablecloths, plates of cookies and boxes of juice. This reception followed the concert we had just attended. My reason for coming was standing next to her … Continue reading

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What God Wants for Me

This morning a friend prayed that I would embrace what God wants for me as well as what he wants from me. It dove tailed with my reflections on my recent visit from my six-year-old grandchild. This visit was a … Continue reading

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I Need to Find It So I Can Sleep

What is it that I need in order to go to sleep? The question came up for me last night, as my just turned 4 grandchild was getting ready to leave. She realized that she didn’t have her “bu-bu” (a … Continue reading

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I Loved You Right Away

I received an email from a precious friend asking me to rejoice with her about the birth of her first grandchild. It prompted the memory of this poem that I wrote almost five years ago after I had appointed myself … Continue reading

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An Angel Sitting at the End of My Bed

  by J Roesler Granddaddy Romine was a poor Texas farmer.  I don’t remember much about Granddaddy except for old faded family pictures.  He was a tall man with dark, deeply wrinkled skin from the hot Texas sun.  He sported … Continue reading

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