My Heart Melts When…

I listened last night to a mother telling a story about her two children.

The story developed from the experience of dropping these two, ages 4 and 6, off at a neighborhood church for a summer children’s program. Preparation for the event included tears, insistence that a stuffed duck have permission to be toted, a fight between the children regarding the burden of being siblings that have to do everything together.

This mother was stressed from the drama of it all as she pulled into the parking lot to drop her children off. It was then that she saw that which her heart longed to see.

As theses children walked to the entrance, the older child put an arm around the shoulder of the younger and gave assurance that they would be OK together.

“My heart melts when I see them taking care of each other,” says this mother.

I immediately thought of the “Parent Heart” of God.

May He catch us taking care of each other today.

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1 Response to My Heart Melts When…

  1. Clay says:

    That’s a beautiful story. I hope He finds us all taking care of each other.

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