A Prayer for a Steadfast Story

Our Father in heaven, my heart is filled with worship. I am especially grateful today for your story. You created us to walk with you but we decided to cut own path. Then, you created a way back through faith in your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. After He died for our disobedience he rose in resurrection power. Now Your Holy Spirit is released to live in us. Our eternal journey with you begins here on earth. In your grace you have written a personal story for each of us. You have knit us together in our mother’s womb and numbered our days. You have designed a course that advances Your Kingdom. You have uniquely equipped each of us to run the race marked out for us. This means you have written a story for me to live out!!!

After a weekend of class reunion celebration, I have thought a lot about my story. Its beginnings, its twists and turns, its joy and pain. I want to tell you I am sorry for the many times I have outlined the next chapter without reading your script. For the many times I have been discontented wanting a different plot line with different characters. I realize today that, like everyone in my age group, I have more history than future (in this tent). I want this time of reflection to be a new turning point where I choose to stick more carefully to the story Jesus has written for me. Make me aware of when I delete from or add to His script.

Father, from this day forward, I want my history to be His Story. Heavenly Father, thank you for writing a story for me. Holy Spirit, come be my editor. I pray in your name and for your sake, Jesus.


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