My Lunch Today

We have stories in the Bible of God asking people to bring what they have to Him and then He takes the scraps we bring Him and does a miracle. One example of this is the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  If it were my task to feed that many people it would not occur to me to ask for a little boy’s lunch so I could get started. Clearly Jesus did not need the lunch.

One of the conundrums of aging is the increased frequency of being expected to do the impossible. It can be as simple as remembering an essential detail or as complex as trusting God for the salvation of one that is desperately loved. It can be that we are driven to seek justice for a person, relieve suffering or bring hope. It might be as practical as providing food and shelter for someone hungry and homeless.

Is there a pattern in the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand that I can follow? Is it possible that my part is to bring my lunch and His part is to do the impossible? If so, what is my lunch?  What do I have?

I am learning, when I hear a crushing story, to ask God to help me understand what my part is in this particular story. Today, for one story, my part seems to be prayer and availability. If my phone rings I will answer it. If I am asked to come, I will go. While I wait, I will pray.

What do you have for lunch today? If Jesus needs it will you give it to Him?

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