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It’s Fun to Clean???

When a conversation is remembered for 60 years one wonders if it was what we would call a teachable moment. It happened while we were cleaning our country church’s basement. It was being done by the Ladies Aid women and … Continue reading

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Touched by the Son in a Mystical Way!

Story Contributed by Ken Chandler The following story was written for me at my request. I have heard this almost 94 year old man tell this story in his strong melodic voice. The story happened when he was 25 years … Continue reading

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The Rubber Plant Doctor

This post will be more meaningful if you scroll back and read “Casey’s Rubber Plant” from April 29, 2011 and “Tending the Rubber Plant” from May 20, 2011. I don’t know where the summer has gone! I had intended for … Continue reading

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Lady, Can You Spare a Dime?

By Jean Roesler Recently I visited the beautiful city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Taking the ferry to get there meant that everywhere we went we had to walk; but Victoria is easily a walkable city and a great place … Continue reading

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Still Missing My Dad

My dad died 15 years ago. I was given the gift of standing beside his hospital bed in our den when he breathed out and didn’t breathe in. His death was not a surprise but it was a shock. We … Continue reading

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The Power of Love

I would say that I am a careful driver. I am attentive to road conditions and aware of traffic patterns. Red lights prompt me to stop and green lights send me on my way. I will yield, merge and right … Continue reading

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A Romantic Marriage Proposal

It was twenty years ago that my husband asked me to marry him. He had put a lot of thought into making it a romantic event. We were out for dinner at a restaurant that rotated at the top of a high-rise hotel.  … Continue reading

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Like a Fragrant Offering

by Jean Roesler As a runner, I eagerly await the day when the cool crisp air of the fall season will replace the hot and humid air of summer. Morning runs bring on a refreshing vigor and an appreciation for … Continue reading

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All of a Sudden It Crept Up

If we are an aging person we have no way to explain the title of this post but it has been our experience. I was reviewing life with a Senior Adult couple in our church lobby recently.  As they told … Continue reading

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A Spectacular Color Show

When you plan a weather dependent event and the elements cooperate perfectly you may be asked if you had placed a special order requesting these conditions.  This was my experience last Friday as we held our Senior Adult Prayer Retreat … Continue reading

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