I Couldn’t See Any Benefit to It!!!

During a conversation with a dear friend this afternoon she told me that their house, which has been on the market for sale or rent for quite some time, has been rented on a solid basis at a good price for at least two years.

I responded with, “That must take a big burden off your shoulders.”

She quickly said, “I haven’t really been carrying it as burden. I guess I couldn’t see any benefit to it.”

Recognizing I was in a teachable moment I stopped and asked, “Do you realize what you have just said?”

My friend laughed, knowing that I am one who knows our Lord daily carries our burdens, but that I am one who tends to keep my shoulder under it, as well.

It reminded me of the old story of a man walking alongside a county road with a heavy pack. A horse drawn wagon pulled alongside and offered him a ride. The man crawled up on the wagon and sat down with his pack still on his back. The driver encouraged him to set his pack down in the wagon.

“Oh, no,” replied the burdened man. “I couldn’t expect you to carry me and my pack, both.”

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