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This word/sound came to my mind today and stirred memories. I couldn’t remember if it actually had a meaning or if my sister and I had only attributed a meaning to it when we were children. Out of curiosity I … Continue reading

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A Good Use for a Husband

I asked my grandchildren (ages 5 and 7) to “help” me make a birthday cake for my sister. Since my sister is obsessed with losing weight, I bought all the ingredients at the health food store and convinced her that … Continue reading

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The Impact of Unexpected Words

I have been jolted this past week by words that will have a lasting impact.  I have heard them as I answered my phone with no preparation for what I was about to hear. I will write about three calls, completely … Continue reading

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My Sister Is Homeless!!!

I was expecting to sit with my husband during Sunday morning worship, letting the music draw me into the Presence of God and letting my mind be instructed by the teaching from God’s word. All of the above happened but with … Continue reading

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Why He Flies

by John Batson It seems that if you talk to ten different adult kite fliers you will get ten different reasons why they fly. As for me, flying kites reminds me of the carefree days of my youth. A time … Continue reading

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Christmas Memories from Childhood-Part One

This is the first post, in of series of three, of Christmas memories from my childhood. I didn’t know then that the yearly adventure of getting our Christmas tree would set the standard so high that getting a tree in any other … Continue reading

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Jolted by Memories

More than 50 years ago… We were friends. I don’t mean just friends, we were glued to each other. I don’t know if it was by choice or because we were the only girls in our class of 5 in … Continue reading

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