Do You Really Want Me to Do This?

I am shopping for a new car. I am giving myself permission to look at a wide variety of prices and styles. I tell myself this may be the last car I will buy so why not get a good one that will last for the 40 more years I will need it.

One of these options has a back up camera that projects to a screen on the dash. When the car is shifted into reverse there are line markers on the screen. All you have to do is steer between these markers and back up.

This is all fine, theoretically, but after test driving this really fun car with a terrifying sticker price, the salesman/passenger instructed me to back it into a very narrow space.

I looked at him and asked, “Do you really want me to do this?”

He calmly assured me that he did as he explained how the back up camera works.

As I backed into this parking space guided only by the lines on the screen my heart was in my throat. I needed faith in this camera and in the man sitting in the passenger seat. If either had failed I could have damaged both the car I was driving and those on either side of this precarious parking space. All of the vehicles in the area were expensive and new.

How does this relate to faith?

As I look at the tight spaces through which I am trying to maneuver my life, I am asking Jesus, “Do you really want me to do this?”

What do I trust?

In whom do I trust?

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3 Responses to Do You Really Want Me to Do This?

  1. Walter Winchowky JR says:

    you are a funny women/lady, one of the reasons we LOVE you!!

  2. Roselyn says:

    Thanks, my friend. I am glad we can laugh and learn together. Set your gaze on Him so that you keep your wheels out of the ditch.

  3. riley says:

    Hello! I just would like to provide a huge thumbs up for the wonderful info you might have here about this post. We are coming back to your blog post for more soon.

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