My Sister Is Homeless!!!

I was expecting to sit with my husband during Sunday morning worship, letting the music draw me into the Presence of God and letting my mind be instructed by the teaching from God’s word. All of the above happened but with a disturbing distraction. Before I found my seat I was told that there was a lady who was waiting for me in the lobby. When I met her, she told me that she had spent the night in her car in the parking lot of our church because she had no where to live. I invited her to come worship with me and then we would talk about how we might help her.

As we worshipped she lifted her hands in praise. It was obvious that she had been in a church before and that worship was not a new experience. The message was on Jesus’s words from the cross where He declared that His beloved mother would now be in a mother/son relationship with John, his beloved disciple. The application was easily followed as the family of God was acknowledged as the relationship being established.

Stories of followers of Jesus in dire circumstances were told and we were challenged to remember that they are our brothers and sisters. Then the single phrase, “What if she is your sister?” burned into my heart. This homeless lady sitting with me in the pew is my sister.

Where are your brothers and sisters sleeping tonight?

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