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Marital Status

This morning I am pondering the question my adopted granddaughter asked me last night. “Besta, (Norwegian for Grandma) are you still married now that Virgil died?” I hadn’t really thought about it. I answered, “I don’t think so. Then, for … Continue reading

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Sleepover at Seventy

I think that when I was seven years old, we called it “staying overnight” or “pajama party.” Now I hear my grandchildren talking about “sleepover.” I think all of these terms generally refer to spending the night at a friend’s … Continue reading

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A Good Use for a Husband

I asked my grandchildren (ages 5 and 7) to “help” me make a birthday cake for my sister. Since my sister is obsessed with losing weight, I bought all the ingredients at the health food store and convinced her that … Continue reading

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Maybe I Just Don’t Realize It

My grandchildren, ages 4 and 6, thought it would be fun to hide in our house so that when their mother picked them up she would not be able to find them. One potential hiding place was an empty ottoman … Continue reading

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It’s Clean Dirt, Besta

I was excited to schedule the spring maintenance of my Koi pond at the same time as my grandchildren were coming to spend some time with me. I made sure the girls knew they would need boots, as the area … Continue reading

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How Do You Know If Something Is Dead?

I made a scavenger hunt for my “grandchildren” tonight. One is 5 and the other is 3. The challenge included something blue, something furry, something that swims, something you can see through, something dead…. “Besta”, they called my name, “How … Continue reading

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Our Country Prays Today

Our God and Father, we acknowledge You as the creator of all and the ruler over all power and authority—those recognized as having national significance and those unseen by the human eye. On a day when our nation is called … Continue reading

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