What Movie is Jesus Watching?


A note from a missionary friend has stirred my heart.  This is a true story of a return flight from the US to the field where my friend serves.

“A woman from the country to which I was returning was thrilled when I sat down next to her on the plane. She was 71 years old and very nervous about the flight. When I spoke her language to her she started kissing me. I think that I got at least a dozen kisses on that flight. It was a bit like sitting next to a young child though. She did not know how to fasten her seat belt and didn’t know how to open containers on her food tray. When I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie, she said that she would rather lay her head on my shoulder and just look at a movie on my screen. I had to smile affectionately at her. “

I love the picture this story invites me to imagine. I love to let myself feel deeply as both received God’s love with skin.

I want to hear God speak to me in our language.

I want to lean my head on to His shoulder and watch the movie He is watching today.

I know He sees things with the confidence that “It is Finished!” I know He sees the battle as Won!

I know He looks at me with compassion when I tremble because the battle I am in today is fierce. I am glad that God knows that at my age of 71, I need Him to care for me with the tenderness of a parent.

I don’t want to watch my movie today. I want to lean on His shoulder and watch His.

What movie are you watching on your journey?

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5 Responses to What Movie is Jesus Watching?

  1. rstaples2013 says:

    Thank you for reading and liking my posts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This brought back memories of a time when I was traveling for my job and sat next to an elderly man who had just come from the funeral of his son and was heading home. When I reached out my hand, he took it and wouldn’t let go. It brought him comfort and it was a privilege to do so. We are “Jesus with skin on” to a broken and hurting world. Thanks for this post today. I was a good reminder to me.

  3. jody kanters says:

    I just watched ‘The Hiding Place’ again. I have seen it so many times, but there is one line in the movie that I just love to experience over and over again. It’s when Betsy and Corrie are trying to explain to the ladies about Christ. They are asked the age old question: ‘Is your God impotent or does He simply not care enough to intervene in this horrible situation?’

    Betsy, with tears in her eyes, and after swallowing hard, says, ‘ If only you could know His love’.

    After having lived a lot of life, and, though far less than many, having suffered light afflictions, as the Bible call them, I would say, with tears in my eyes, and after swallowing hard, that the movie that he continually plays for me is the movie of His love.

    His love, that changes hearts, that reconciles us with Him at great cost, that sets us free from our past, our issues, our guilt. His love, that offers freedom, grace, mercy and love. His love, that is always surprising, always sweet, and so constant. His love, that makes any intimacy between to people seem but a shadow of something so much bigger.

    His love changes everything.

    I don’t tire of this movie of His love playing, because I am sometimes weak and stupid and I need the constant reminder. But He doesn’t mind.

    Because He delights in showing me…His love.

  4. rstaples2013 says:

    Thanks, Jody. I’d love your thoughts on the movie God would produce today about my life compared to the one I would produce? I am always blessed by your comments.

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