I Loved You Right Away

I received an email from a precious friend asking me to rejoice with her about the birth of her first grandchild. It prompted the memory of this poem that I wrote almost five years ago after I had appointed myself to be the adopted grandmother for the coming baby of my Australian co-worker. Since this child already had a grandmother in the area and another in Australia I used the name Besta, which is grandmother in Norwegian. The instant love described in the poem became a reality for me when I held her in the hospital just a few hours after her birth. (Be sure to read to the end).

I Loved You Right Away

I thought I’d grow to love you

When I learned how you’d been knit.

I thought I’d need to know you

And how you and I would fit.

I thought I’d need to see you smile

And maybe dry your tears

To learn how I could make you laugh

And take away your fears.

I thought we’d play together

And maybe read a book

We’d watch the fish and catch a frog

And maybe learn to cook.

Love, I thought, would be a seed

That I would guard and shower

Until one day it sprouted forth

A bud, and then a flower.

But, love for you had other plans

There’s nothing I can say

‘cept when my eyes first saw you

I loved you right away.

From Besta Roselyn 10/06/06

PS: And so I’ll say I love you

And not try to explain

For God has opened heavens gates

With unexpected rain.

 Some day you’ll call me Besta

Then we’ll ponder, you and I

And together thank Our Father

Who won’t need to ask us why!

She calls me Besta now. (8/11/11) I took a picture of her with my cat and I asked how the two of them were the same. She said, “We are both yours.” I rested in the arms of joy.

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1 Response to I Loved You Right Away

  1. Peter Chapman says:

    Thanks for sharing such precious moments of reality Besta, love you both Pop Chapman

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