I Need to Find It So I Can Sleep

What is it that I need in order to go to sleep?

The question came up for me last night, as my just turned 4 grandchild was getting ready to leave. She realized that she didn’t have her “bu-bu” (a small blanket that she clutches from time to time but is of special comfort to her at night). When she realized she didn’t have it and we couldn’t find it she said, “Besta, I will cry tonight when I am going to sleep if I don’t have my “bu-bu.” Thankfully we found it and all was well as she crawled into her car seat.

Why do we seem to be able to cope with things during the day but at night anxiety blossoms?

I doubt this example adds anything to this blog but I can’t resist saying that my cat, who sleeps with us at night, needs most of the bed during the night and then in the morning shrinks back to normal cat size.

More to the point, that which tempts me to doubt the faithfulness of God, takes up more space in my heart and mind at night than during the day.

May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus today… and tonight!!!

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