What God Wants for Me

This morning a friend prayed that I would embrace what God wants for me as well as what he wants from me. It dove tailed with my reflections on my recent visit from my six-year-old grandchild. This visit was a new experience as it was the first time she “took charge” of what our activities would be. She had a myriad of ideas, an authoritative attitude, and an attention span that left us with every venture unfinished.

I spoke to her Mom and said I would need to learn what she and Dad were doing for discipline so I could be consistent with it. Her Mom responded, “She can do anything she wants at your house.”

This is not the answer I expected, but after thinking more about it I emailed this mother and said I thought her counsel was wise. My grandchild needs a place to just BE and I need someone to just BE WITH.

Here is the Mom’s response. “Yes, she needs to have a fun, safe and happy relationship with you. At home there are enough rules and regulations. At your house, relationship, safety, trust and friendship are the most important. Teaching her about Jesus—vital. And filling her with love, acceptance and praise is what she needs.

I wrote back, “This assignment fills me with joy. Thank you!”

I basked in the love extended to my by these parents. They are carrying the heavy load of providing a structure at home where their children develop habits of responsibility and respect.  At my house, while not negating these goals, we can focus on enjoying our relationship.

How different is this from what God wants for me. Jesus paid the price that grants me relational access to the Father. Today, I believe he wants me to embrace that relationship with joy and trust.

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