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We have been on a Journey Together

These words were spoken with precision and passion as my husband’s cardiologist honored us by telling us personally of his retirement. This doctor is an elegant man, both in his appearance and his manner. His presence changes the atmosphere of … Continue reading

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Have an Answer Ready

I was given these five questions, under the title “You Have an Enemy” and asked to respond in a written interview. The quote by Neil Anderson was included in the request. These are my answers. I welcome your thoughts and … Continue reading

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The Grace to be Diminished

I first heard this phrase several years ago from a wise mother speaking of parenting her adult children. It refers to the expensive love of a parent pouring sacrificially into their child with the goal of this child being able … Continue reading

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This Is What We Are Here For

This is a continuation of my conversation with Pastor Pete At this point, Pastor Pete took the lead in choosing the content of our conversation by saying, “There is such a change now in ministry. When I started, the philosophy … Continue reading

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