The Grace to be Diminished

I first heard this phrase several years ago from a wise mother speaking of parenting her adult children. It refers to the expensive love of a parent pouring sacrificially into their child with the goal of this child being able to walk on without needing them.

 Aging brings with it opportunities to practice this grace.

 As we listen to the Holy Spirit we may hear that our role in someone’s life or in a specific ministry has served His purpose.

 Am I praying for the grace to fade?

 Can I celebrate being diminished in a relationship that I have learned to cherish?

 Am I scanning the generation that is following me for those He is equipping for the ministry that has been entrusted to me? 

Do I know how to grieve but not as those who have no hope? 

This hope reminds us that we will never be diminished in the eyes of Him Who created us for Himself. 

May we hold all things loosely as we rest in His grip.

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