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Where is the Gate to God?

I can’t seem to follow the directions for connecting with God this morning. It’s not that I think He has moved. It’s not that I haven’t found him from this very spot many times before. It’s just that this morning … Continue reading

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Fox Hole Evangelism

My Koi pond needs an aerator to keep the fish alive during the winter season. I have been unsuccessful in scheduling my usual professional pond service this fall. So, rather than pondering my seven Koi friends gasping for air, I … Continue reading

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Footsteps in the Sea

Faith through aging eyes encounters God when He plants His footsteps in the sea. We have precious memoires of being able to track the God we love and trust. We are eager to tell of the times when His interventions … Continue reading

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Have an Answer Ready

I was given these five questions, under the title “You Have an Enemy” and asked to respond in a written interview. The quote by Neil Anderson was included in the request. These are my answers. I welcome your thoughts and … Continue reading

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A Little Boat in Constant Readiness

“…a vast multitude, hearing all the many things that He was doing, came to Him. And He told His disciples to have a little boat in [constant] readiness for Him because of the crowd, lest they press hard upon Him … Continue reading

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Treasures from Our Shelves

Many of us are in a season of life where we are looking at the things we have kept on our shelves and finding no reason to keep them. What we at one time valued seems to have lost significance. … Continue reading

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No Hopeless Cases

I love the Tiffany lamp in my living room. I probably would love it simply because it is beautiful but I love it deeply because I know its story. This lamp was shattered when it was knocked to the floor. … Continue reading

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