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Where is the Gate to God?

I can’t seem to follow the directions for connecting with God this morning. It’s not that I think He has moved. It’s not that I haven’t found him from this very spot many times before. It’s just that this morning … Continue reading

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You are Thankful for What?

I listened carefully as my friend described to me the findings of her recent medical workup. The past couple of years have been a battle with cancer. The cancer is gone but side effects from chemo and an unexplained anemia … Continue reading

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How does God Spell “Healing”?

Today I visited a man who has what doctors call a terminal case of cancer. A white Mercedes-Benz is parked at the entrance of the driveway. He told me he was selling it to pay for his funeral expenses. A … Continue reading

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The Altar is too Crowded

I confided to a friend that I am harboring a feeling of resentment toward someone. This friend responded with firm kindness, “You need to lay that on the altar”. I thought about this, struggling with the tension of knowing she … Continue reading

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