How does God Spell “Healing”?

Today I visited a man who has what doctors call a terminal case of cancer. A white Mercedes-Benz is parked at the entrance of the driveway. He told me he was selling it to pay for his funeral expenses.

A year ago his doctors told him that “at most” he would have 10 months.

This man is aware that he has already beaten this prognosis. He is quick to rehearse his blessings. He is thankful for being alive for his 50th wedding anniversary, being able to process memories where he knows he has had an impact in people’s lives for Jesus.

As we talked, I was deeply aware of being present several months ago when he was baptized in our church on a weekday. He specifically asked to be baptized, knowing his prognosis and wanting to give public witness to his faith. The witnesses were his family, grandchildren and personal friends. After the baptism I led a healing service. I invited all of his family and friends that believed that God would heal this man to come join me in that prayer. All of the children, their spouses and all of the grandchildren joined me. We anointed with oil and prayed in faith for God to do what only He could do.

These months have been encouraging up until the last few weeks. Now the doctors are saying the cancer is dominating and life expectancy is short.

As I drove for this visit, I was led to acknowledge the gravity of the situation but at the same time to stand firm that the healing we prayed for several months ago would not be harder for God today.

With this mans permission; I anointed him today and prayed again for healing. We both knew it would need to be miraculous. We both knew God could. We both agreed that we wanted that which would bring the most glory to God.

It was comfortable to talk to Him about the possibility that he would see Jesus soon. It was an act of obedience for me to pray the impossible for him and declare him healed.

This man only wants God’s will. He has surrendered his life into God’s hand. If his life on earth is finished he wants his death to draw people to Jesus.

I am standing in faith today that God’s will is for him to be healed. I prayed an irrational prayer of faith. When he is healed God will be glorified. If, he is released from his physical body God will be glorified.

There is a part of me that would like to be able to explain why some people I pray for are miraculously healed and others are called home to the arms of Jesus. I have been set free from the mandate to explain it.

I only thank Him for the privilege of praying with faith for Him to do what only He can do.

After standing firm for God’s power and love I will rest in the comfort that I have prayed in faith. I will give God the freedom to define healing from his perspective.

I am asking God to tell us in this story, “How do You spell healing?”

However He spells it, I will praise Him!

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