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My Thanksgiving Feast

I woke up early on Thanksgiving morning to find that I had received a text in the middle of the night. The text was simple: “Woke up at 2:56.” Isaiah 25:6: “God is preparing a feast” The sender is a … Continue reading

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Our Special Guests

We invited two special guests for Thanksgiving dinner. These guests are two brothers who are always eager to come to our home and lift things that are too heavy for my aging husband. And, I reluctantly add, too heavy for my … Continue reading

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A Banquet with the King

I still have the invitation, a yellowed newspaper article and the gilded program. I have forgotten many things from the past fifty years but crystal clear is my memory of being in the presence of a king. Here is how it … Continue reading

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Look Up and Enjoy the Feast!

A big jar of cashews slipped out of my hand. The nuts scattered across the kitchen floor. As I was brushing them into the dustpan I wondered if I should just pick them up with my fingers and eat them.  It … Continue reading

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