Look Up and Enjoy the Feast!

A big jar of cashews slipped out of my hand. The nuts scattered across the kitchen floor. As I was brushing them into the dustpan I wondered if I should just pick them up with my fingers and eat them.  It seemed wasteful to throw them out. Then I remembered the bird/squirrel feeding station that I watch every morning while I am having my coffee. As I walked barefooted across the deck I stepped on remnants of birdseed and then spread the cashews along the rail.

Before long a small squirrel arrived on the deck. He (or maybe she) groveled through the remnants of the seed and then sat straight up with head in the air. It seemed that he had noticed something.

I silently talked to him. Look up. There’s something special on the rail.

He walked to the post and I couldn’t tell if he was going to jump down and hop up.

Look up! I said again.

To my delight he scrambled up the post and found himself in the middle of a pile of cashews. He tasted one and he was hooked. After chewing as fast as he could he filled his mouth again. When he couldn’t eat anymore he stuffed his mouth with nuts and ran off to hide them somewhere. He came back and ran off with more.

Do I realize that a table has been prepared for me today? Am I looking up and feasting?

How about you?

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