Our Special Guests

We invited two special guests for Thanksgiving dinner. These guests are two brothers who are always eager to come to our home and lift things that are too heavy for my aging husband. And, I reluctantly add, too heavy for my own aging self.

These twin brothers love our Lord Jesus Christ. Their eternal home is secure. Day to day, they experience uncertainty as they are once again unemployed and once again waiting for their home to be sold on a short sale.

Here are some quotes from our dinner conversation:

Roselyn: “Thank you so much for coming. It would have been sad to be alone on Thanksgiving.”

Guest response (usually in unison): “That’s no problem. It’s OK.”

Roselyn: “I hope you don’t tell anyone at church that we bought the food at a grocery store and all I did was heat it up.”

Guests (emphatically): “NO, You don’t need to worry about that. All we’re going to say is that Roselyn is a really good cook.”   (laughter).

Guests: “Our mother got up at 4 AM and made everything from scratch.”                   (Mother died 17 years ago.)

Guests: (to my husband who was moving slowly due to back pain) “That turkey is going to make you feel young again.” 

(to me): “I don’t believe you are 70.” Together they agreed I looked 49. They considered the number and firmly agreed!

When we got to that familiar place in a holiday meal where one’s eyes are bigger than one’s stomach:

Guest: “I am not going to waste this. There are too many hungry people in the world.”

Roselyn: “I’ll get you a zip-lock bag so you can take it home. We have a lot of food left. Would you like to take some of that home?”

Guests: “ That would be no problem. We brought containers in our car JUST IN CASE!!”

Today I am going to feast with my Heavenly Father. I am going to eat all I can but I’m going to bring some take home containers with me JUST IN CASE!!

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