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That is What I Do

    I recently emailed a request to someone I was just getting to know and risked asking her to guide me in the steps I need to take for a project that has been a dream of mine.   … Continue reading

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Everyday Awe

A hospital visit today has prompted me to search my heart for what I take for granted. The friend I visited has been an active leader in the Senior Adult Ministry of our church. Health challenges have limited her participation … Continue reading

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The Power of “Thank You” Prayers

I have met a small group of people whose prayers create in me a hunger to know God better. They pray with intimacy, intensity, and confidence. They know Who they are talking to and they know who they are in … Continue reading

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Loving the Prodigal at Easter

Since childhood, Easter Day has been for me a stunning penetration of ordinary life by the profound overarching power of God. There is no problem bigger than a dead Jesus and His power over death is that which is made … Continue reading

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