Everyday Awe

A hospital visit today has prompted me to search my heart for what I take for granted.

The friend I visited has been an active leader in the Senior Adult Ministry of our church. Health challenges have limited her participation this past year culminating in life threatening surgery and hospitalization these past weeks. But finally, the hope of recovery is a reality and steps of rehabilitation are being taken.

With the excitement of a small child this friend says, “Tomorrow they are going to try me without oxygen and take me out for a ride in a car. They said I could go anywhere I wanted.”

I asked the only possible question, “Where are you going to go?”

Her eyes brightened as she let me in on her choice, “I’m going to the parking lot of our church. I want to drive around and picture what it will be like when I can sit in our usual spot again.” She named the people who sit in her section and added how much they love each other.

Then she reverently added, “I want to see that big cross that faces the road. Before they put that cross up we were able to write our names on it.”

I drive into the parking lot of this church almost everyday. This stunning cross is a part of the landscape where I work. I don’t want to take for granted the environment where I have encountered God.

I don’t want to take breathing for granted.

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