Loving the Prodigal at Easter

Since childhood, Easter Day has been for me a stunning penetration of ordinary life by the profound overarching power of God. There is no problem bigger than a dead Jesus and His power over death is that which is made available to me. How then, can I approach Easter with a broken heart?

I explain it to myself by saying that I cannot bask in abandoned joy when the one I love is in a place of relentless agony.

Can I celebrate Sunday if the one I love is still nailed to the darkness of Friday?  Can I celebrate Easter if the one I love is still in the despair of Saturday? Can I benefit from the power of the Resurrected Christ if the one for whom I have prayed that their faith not fail has now had their faith eroded by a tortured mind and body?

What does the Apostle Paul mean when he says his determined purpose is that he may know Christ, the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering?  How do these two concepts fit into my already crowded heart?

I am going to finish this blog. I need to process these things. I welcome your prayers and your comments.

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