Take My Hand…

I was walking through the lobby of our church at the time when our preschool children use this place as a kind of playground. I heard the patter of many little feet before I saw them running at full speed along a prescribed path. They were about 3 years old. I watched as a little boy near the end of the line stumbled and fell. He got up on his own and as he did the expression of his face was ambivalent. He was clearly trying to decide if he should cry.


Before he had time to decide, the little boy next in line took his hand and gave him a big smile. The boy who fell caught the smile and beamed back. Hand in hand they continued their running course.


Then I looked out the second story window of our classroom building a saw a large sedan pull up. The lady driving was struggling to get a walker out of the trunk. When she did she opened the passenger door and worked on placing the walker into a position where her friend could reach it. It took awhile to get the walker steady, to remove the seat belt and start the process of getting this person out of the car. After several attempts the driver placed the walker a little further from the car and extended her hand.


Her hand gave confidence and stability. After two steps hand in hand, the disabled lady grasped the walker and started the slow shuffling journey to the church door.


Watch me today, and when I stumble, take my hand.

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