A Glimpse into “No More Tears”

A Glimpse Into “No More Tears”


We know very little about what the land of “no more tears” will be like. We cling to the hope of living and reigning with Jesus. We know He has promised to wipe every tear away.


We believe He is reigning now and yet, just as His journey on earth was described as “acquainted with grief and familiar with suffering” we, too, find this to be our story.


When a broken heart seems to have become the “new normal” or when tragedy strikes for one whom we feel has met their quota of suffering we cry, “how can this be?”


But then, there can be another reason to pray with a stunned silence. What if, after a prolonged season of grief and suffering, it is interrupted with hope?  The healing for which we have so long prayed seems to be breaking through. We dare not hope but we dare not deny hope.


Today, I cannot say that this rescue is how it will be tomorrow, but I can declare that I have been given a window of how it will be then.


When we live and reign in the land of “no more tears.”

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