Driven by Gratitude

I was walking out of the chapel recently having just led a Memorial Service for one of our seniors when I met her.

She seemed to be searching for something or someone so I asked if I could help. She was clearly from another country, some Asian country, but was articulate with English. She answered my question by asking if she could go into the chapel and pray.


I said yes, but there were mourners in there and a youth group would be filling it soon. I asked if I could help her find a place that would be quiet. She indicated appreciation. I then introduced myself as a pastor and asked if she wanted someone to pray with her or if she preferred to pray alone.


She said if someone would pray with her that would be even better. I escorted her to our prayer room. As we walked there I asked if she knew Jesus. She said, “yes,” it was not her culture but her mother had converted to Christianity.


When we settled into the prayer room I asked her what, specifically, she would like to talk to God about. She said she just wanted to say Thank You. She explained that God had given her so much.


I prayed and then she prayed. She simply thanked God for everything He had done for her and given her.


I was reminded of Jesus asking, “Where are the nine?”

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