I Can’t Find My Glasses

This is a confession that I hear regularly from my friends and I say it just as regularly myself. This week, this true story, reveals a place to look for them that I have never thought about before.

Two friends and I had spent time talking around a small table. A few minutes after we had all gone our separate ways, one of the friends came back to the place we had met and asked if I had seen her glasses. Together we looked to no avail.

After searching everywhere, this friend called the third friend and asked if she might possibly have picked up the missing glasses. 

Follow this conversation:

Could you possibly have picked up my glasses?

Do they have brown frames?


I think I have them. I think I am wearing them!!

Can you see out of them?


What are you doing?

The laundry.

Well, I will have to come and get them because I can’t see without them!!

End of conversation.

It is high risk to have old friends, but very precious and lots of material for laughter.


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