My Thanksgiving Prayer

I thought it would be easy to write a thanksgiving prayer but I am finding it hard.

It is hard to know how to start. It doesn’t feel rightt o say “thank you” to God when I use this same word for turkey and football.

I can’t make a list of people and things I’m thankful for because it would be too long.

I am sad that I need a day to remind me to be thankful. I want to learn to live a life overflowing with thanksgiving; one where when I am bumped thankfulness spills over the edges of my life.

What can I say to God today that would bring Him joy?

I am going to borrow a sentence that brought me joy this week.

My cell phone rang and the number was an unusual series of digits.  To my delight the call was from a young man whom I had met a couple of years ago. I have connected him to a prayer relationship with “grandparents” from our Senior Adult group. He is prayed for everyday and his picture is on their refrigerator.

This phone call was the first time I had heard his voice in two years. I didn’t know it was possible for him to call from the country in which he is living.

After “catch up” conversation he said, “Aunty, there is something very important I want to tell you.”  I listened attentively. “Aunty, it’s very important.”  I listened, now braced for anything.

With deep conviction he slowly said, “ I want you to know I am so glad I met you.” My heart flooded with joy.

As I ponder this powerful conversation I want to make it my Thanksgiving prayer.

Abba, Father, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, I have something very important to tell you. It is this: I am so glad I met you. Amen.

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