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Why I Hate My Closet

I don’t really think my closet is too small. I rather believe that I have too many clothes. It would seem a simple concept to then give some of the clothes away. But, the good intentions of sorting becomes a … Continue reading

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Too Much Red Ink

It’s not hard to remember the sinking feeling that came with getting an assignment back from a teacher and finding it all marked up with red ink. It’s not a very long journey from, “I got a failing grade” to … Continue reading

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Images in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Last week I misjudged the width of my car. The price I paid was the bill for a new passenger side view mirror. Today I tested the mirror and was relieved to see it respond to the adjustment button. The … Continue reading

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Freedom Hangs in the Light of Truth

When I share something that can be interpreted in more than one way my husband usually says “hang it in the best possible light.” I suppose it is another way of “giving the benefit of a doubt.” One of the … Continue reading

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Our Country Prays Today

Our God and Father, we acknowledge You as the creator of all and the ruler over all power and authority—those recognized as having national significance and those unseen by the human eye. On a day when our nation is called … Continue reading

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