Jolted by Grace

What happened? I was backing out of our garage as I usually do. There is no need to pay careful attention to that which you do routinely. BUT, this morning the car jolted to a sudden stop for “no reason.”

Stunned, I tried to discern what had stopped the car’s momentum. It was then that my eyes caught both the rear view mirror and the side mirror. I had been backing up against the big white van of our houseguest. I wondered why I hadn’t heard the crash; the sound of metal crushing metal?

Trembling, I opened the car door and walked back to check the damage. What I saw was a 2-inch space between my back bumper and the van. What (or Whom) intervened in my careless behavior? Who, besides me, had control of my car?

I sat for a few minutes and pondered this incident. Had I caught God in the act of grace? How often does He protect me and I not notice?

As I resumed my routine drive into work I found myself settling into two postures. I was on red alert to what might be in my path AND I was resting in the safety of having a Protector.

Have you been jolted by grace?

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