Too Much Red Ink

It’s not hard to remember the sinking feeling that came with getting an assignment back from a teacher and finding it all marked up with red ink. It’s not a very long journey from, “I got a failing grade” to “I am a failure.”

I wonder if in our “journey with Jesus” we are too quick to grab the pen with red ink. Do we, in our essential task of defending the absolute truth of the gospel, extend this “stand” to that which may be better left to the illumination of process?

Here is the story that is prompting this question for me:

A lady of retirement age, whom I did not know, came to our home to assist me with a project. As we talked, she revealed to me that she had several precarious health conditions. As I listened, I felt led to ask, “Do you know Jesus?”

“Oh, yes,” she replied with evidence of warmth and familiarity.

She then went on to tell about her mother’s deathbed experience. It had been a protracted “dying” and the family had spent a week at this mother’s bedside.

After several assurances from the family that permission was given to die, this mother drew her final breath. As she did, she raised her arms toward heaven, broke into a big smile and said, “Harold.”

The lady telling this story choked up and said that Harold was her father’s name. She then spoke to me in an emotional whisper, “I think Harold was the angel God sent to take my mother home to heaven.”

I listened and stayed quiet.

I was aware that there would have been a time in my own journey where I would have needed to explain that we don’t become angels.

Somehow, in this story, the blood of Jesus is all the red ink I needed.

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2 Responses to Too Much Red Ink

  1. jody kanters says:

    What a sweet story. I, too, have found this to be true. Jesus desires to inhabit us and do His work on the inside. The results are awesome, but i don’t believe that perfect doctrine is his primary goal. HE leads us into all truth. We learn to look past doctrine to see the precious soul , just as he did. I’m learning to think less about doctrine, and more about helping them to see Jesus for who He truly is. Falling in love with Him is my goal for each and every precious one He brings my way. How could anyone resist such love? Such sweetness? Such grace? The more I know Him, the more I love Him, and i can trust him to be everything to them too. We will never all agree on doctrine, but I am quite sure we can agree on the sweetness and completeness of His work.

    Thanks, Rosalyn

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    There’s a freedom to this that may make us more fun to be with. Thank you

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