I’m so Glad it’s You

Years ago I had a good friend who was dying of leukemia. She lived nearby so I would often walk to her house, ring the doorbell, but let myself in.

Her response, in the later months, would often be, “I am so glad it is you. I am too sick for people”.

I’m pondering today what it is that makes someone welcome even when no one else would be. I am thinking about what my response is to an unexpected visit. What conditions need to be met for me to open my door  with delight rather than dread?

I have started this list. I am so glad when it is…

  • Someone who has already seen the mess my house is in.
  • Someone who just settles in as though they belong.
  •  Someone who seems happy to be here.
  • Someone who draws out what is on my heart and also tells me                                                                     what is on theirs.
  • Someone who listens to me and expects me to listen to them.
  • Someone who never condemns but always calls me higher.
  • Someone who eats what I can throw together and considers it a meal.
  •  Someone who laughs with me at my stumbling.
  •  Someone who prays with me for my heart cries.
  • Someone who trusts me.

This morning I read in John 14:23 that Jesus and His Father will come and make their home with anyone who loves Him and obeys Him.

I wonder how comfortable I am inviting Jesus and His/My Father into my home/heart today.

Can I recline with Him and be the one that people ask. “What is on Jesus mind?” as Peter did with John?

Do I have anything in my heart that I would quickly throw in a closet when I recognize that Jesus is ringing the doorbell?

I want in 2016 for Jesus to be comfortable in my heart and for me to recognize his Presence and be at home with Him.

I know that He never leaves but sometimes I am more aware of Him than other times. When I see Him at the door I want to be able to say, “I am so glad it is You!”







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