It’s Fun to Clean???

When a conversation is remembered for 60 years one wonders if it was what we would call a teachable moment.

It happened while we were cleaning our country church’s basement. It was being done by the Ladies Aid women and even though I was a small child I was on the team. Children in this community were not placed somewhere so the parents could do something. Somehow the kids did it too and grew up thinking it was a normal thing to do.

I have a vivid memory of the furniture of the room and the windowsills being filthy. I wasn’t very happy about helping with this project. I didn’t say anything but my facial expression must have been loud and clear because a large older lady who was washing away said with enthusiasm, “It’s fun to clean when you can see where you’re cleaning!”

I looked at the table we were washing. It was easy to see where her soapy rag had scrubbed and what was left to do. I doubt she knew that 60 years later this comment would be impacting my life.

How will my attitude change today if I embrace the attitude that it is fun to clean when you can see where you are cleaning and then underline it with a joyful spirit?

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