I Cooked It

I have been completely at ease simply confessing, “I don’t cook”. The universal response has been, “That’s OK. You don’t have to”.

When I have a few friends for a meal I go to a Deli and after I follow the reheating directions on the package I move it into my casserole dish so it looks like I cooked it. Then I tell the people where I bought it and how I disguised it and everyone laughs.

Yesterday my friend asked me, “Would you like to learn to cook today?”

I surprised myself by saying, “Yes”.

She then instructed me to choose something to coat a baking pan.

I chose olive oil.

Then she said I should arrange the lamb chops in the pan.

The next step was something to tenderize them. She said I could use wine or lemon juice.

I chose wine.

Then she said, “Now pick some spices you like and sprinkle them across the top”.

I asked, “What spices and how much?”

She answered, “Choose the spices you like and just use some. Sprinkle some wine or teriyaki on top if you want to.”

Then she said to cover with tin foil and bake and 325 for 50 minutes. The last 10 minutes I was told to take the cover off to brown the chops.

(I already knew how to preheat an oven).

We had a delicious meal last night.

I didn’t know it would be fun. I thought it would be like a chemistry project that had a good chance of being a disaster.

Is this another story of freedom and grace?

There are some absolute rules but most of it is what and how much would taste good to you.

Everyone should have such a friend. “Once you start measuring and following complicated recopies it’s not fun anymore”.

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