You Need to Know it isThere

Why are some things so hard to see?

As I walked up to our deck, at a seasonal campsite, I realized I had disturbed a humming bird. The stunningly small bird fluttered over the branch that literally hung over the steps to the deck.

I looked at the tree and then at the branch, specifically. I wanted to see the nest but I didn’t see one.

Later, I went back determined to see the nest. This time my expectations were different. I knew the nest was there and I was not going to give up until I found it. It didn’t take me long to spot it. It was actually eye level with the top step of the deck and only a few feet away. The tiny humming bird was actually sitting on it quietly.

(The nest is smaller than a golf ball. I wanted to get a ladder and see the eggs that have to be about the size of a pea, but I chose to not frighten my little friend.)

get-attachment.aspxIs faith through aging eyes a mindset of watching for God’s goodness until you find it because you know it is there?

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2 Responses to You Need to Know it isThere

  1. jody kanters says:

    I think so. Sometimes the fight of faith involves abandoning my idea of how God intervening should look. Honestly, His interventions in my life have NEVER look like i expected, or thought they might, or HOPED they would! Heh, Heh. I think faith through aging eyes is beautiful, because

    a. We have many experiences with Him from which to draw wisdom in each new situation.

    b. We are confident of the nature of His character because of His faithfulness to take us through so much.

    c. We come to understand, at great price sometimes, that there isn’t always an ‘answer’ in every situation. That maybe He is drawing us toward a ‘lens change’ so that we can see the bigger picture, which usually means a new unveiling of who He is and what He is about. THAT is what each new issue in our lives is a set up for anyhow.

    I’ll illustrate.

    My dad was mad at God his whole life. He held a grudge for some reason, and he held on tightly. As you can probably guess, he wasn’t the greatest dad. Anger, alcohol and bitterness ruled his life.

    When i became a Christian, I prayed, of course, for his salvation. For years. Nothing.

    Fast forward to 2002. He had a terminal illness. I reminded him, gently, I hope, that he needed to make peace with his God. He agreed, and prayed to receive Christ.

    I was elated! I called my sisters, my husband and we all rejoiced together!

    Then, a thought presented itself.

    Hey , wait a minute. How come he got live how he wanted, hurting those who loved him, swearing, drinking, holding on to bitterness, and still inherit eternal life? Not fair, Lord!

    So really, did i need an ‘answer’ to that thought? WAS there one, other than, well, Jody, this is who I Am?

    So in His sweet, quiet, awesome way, he whispered to my spirit,

    Oh Jody, how much he MISSED!

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