Resting in the Second Story

One of the benefits of Faith Through Aging Eyes is the realization that I have been casted for two movies that are playing simultaneously.

 The first movie depicts the ordinary events of life. My role in this is obvious to anyone who watches. I do things like eat, sleep, meet with friends, read, pay bills and feed my cat.

 The second movie is revealed by grace through faith. When the curtain lifts allowing me to view this “story behind the story” it always prompts worship.

 An illustration of this is a phone call I made to a missionary home on furlough. My reason for calling was to see if she knew of any project that we could support with donations from a Senior Adult Worship Service. When I asked the question, this missionary burst into tears. At the very moment I placed the phone call, this missionary was looking out the window praying for a way to buy rice for some starving refugees.

 Another window into the second story happened when I needed to suspend my Camino walk because of a painful knee. It “just so happened” that a 22 year old girl on this same pilgrimage also had a painful knee and, thankfully, access to a car. We arranged to meet up with our hiking group at the next destination but because the two of us would arrive in a much shorter time we simply stayed at our current hotel and talked. During that morning, as we were discussing the book she was reading, which “happened” to be a Bible, she recognized that a relationship is what God wants with us. The curtain to the second story opened as I realized that the painful knee from the first story was a window into my young friend’s encounter with God.

 When this happens often enough, one becomes convinced that there are always two stories being played out. One, we call ordinary life, the other we call glimpses into what God is doing. In the first, much seems random. In the second, although we only catch glimpses, we recognize the sovereignty of God.

 Psalm 91 invites us to live in the second story. The real estate is called the “Secret Place of the Most High”.  Those who live there engage in “hosting the presence of God.”

 God is always sending us invitations to rest in the second story. It happens when a verse you are studying in your Bible jumps out and you know it is His word, personally, to you. It happens when He speaks to you in prayer, when something He created opens your eyes to the character of the Creator, when someone who is already resting in the second story prompts you to ask if there is room for one more.

I want to learn to rest in the second story. 

 How have you learned to do this?

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2 Responses to Resting in the Second Story

  1. jody kanters says:

    I have a Bible translation called the Jesus Story Book that I like to read to my grandkids. On the cover, below the name of the book, it says ‘Every story whispers His name’. Throughout the book, at the end of every story, they explain how that particular story points to Christ and whispers his name.

    Good chose to have a visitation presence in the Old Testament. We read throughout it’s pages that He visited in different ways. The burning bush, the three visitors to Abraham, etc.

    But in the New Testament, we experience a HABITATION presence! The precious Spirit of God indwells believers every minute of every day.

    It is my belief that wherever we go, whatever we do, we usher the Spirit of God into each and every situation that we encounter. The fight of faith, to me, involves choosing to be in a place where we believe that there is no such thing as a secular situation to those of us who know Christ. We live in the Kingdom at the grocery store, driving in the car, and making supper. That is reality. The question is, do I believe it? Do I live as though I believe it?

    To me, this living as though I believe it, this walking as though He is living in me every minute, THIS is second story living. Choosing a habitation mentality means that I take the second story with me everywhere I go.

    I fight for joy every day. I fight for faith every day. I fight against despair every day. There is so much that tries desperately to distract us from faith every day. Every MINUTE of every day. The fight of faith is all about what we choose. The Lord Jesus Christ’s work is accomplished! It changes everything. I DO live in the kingdom, whether I believe it or not! Christ, by His Spirit is present for every second of my life. My 41 years with Him has brought me to the place where I am realizing that my part is receiving and believing. I fail often. But I am always drawn back to that reality.

    Just a different way of saying the same thing you shared. I do so appreciate your honesty and fervent desire for ALL that He has for you.

  2. rstaples2013 says:

    Thank you, Jody. One of the things I most appreciate in a friend is someone who will remind me of this truth when the reality becomes foggy for me. Together for Him!

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