When “Thankful” Is a Choice

I am awakened this morning by the strong purr and gentle paw of my cat, Takker. I am reminded that he was given to me as a gift ten years ago today. He has been and is a source of pure joy. Thankfulness is a natural response.

I turn on the wake up music I have selected for my alarm. As I “soak” I am reminded that I am His and He is mine. His ability to encounter my spirit is stronger than my inability to encounter Him. Thankfulness is a natural response.

When I turn to intercession I remember the stories I have been a part of this week.

There is the mother that doesn’t know where her daughter is. She knows she has no money.

There is the person who is so exhausted from failed medical answers to pain that she just can’t fight anymore.

There is the widow, who smiles weakly as she listens to families tell of their Thanksgiving plans, knowing that even if she is with people she will be alone.

My list could be long, but so could yours. These are the stories where “Thankful” becomes a choice.

Today I am thankful that God knows where the lost daughter is and that He is with her.

Today I am thankful that if the suffering one gives up the fight, underneath are the everlasting arms. She can only fall into the nail scarred hands of Jesus.

Today I am thankful that the journey this widow is on will lead her into the awareness that God, Himself, is revealing Himself as her husband.

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Today I choose to pray from heaven. I reach into heaven and bring praise, thanksgiving and worship. I leave lostness, pain, tears and loneliness here because they are not found in heaven.

Today, in the places where my heart does not choose the stories I am seeing, I am choosing to be thankful.

My wakeup song repeats, “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders.”

“He has never failed me yet and He won’t start now.”

When thankfulness is a choice…

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