The Gift of Encountering a New Friend

 Most of us remember our best friend from childhood. It is common to be asked for this name as a security question when setting up an Internet account.  I have not seen a security question that asks for the name of a new friend who has entered your life as you are navigating “Faith through Aging Eyes.” 

One might expect that the longing for someone that connects with your deepest self would become less necessary as the years pass. But does this need to belong, to be trusted, and to be understood ever diminish? 

Most of us reading this blog have needed to delete friends from our contact lists.  I find that hard to do even when the reason is physical death. I am grateful that there is no time in life that is too late for building new friendships. Some, in fact, seem to simply be gifts from God. All of a sudden there is someone in your life that loves you and you have done nothing to earn it. 

What if we are not designed to make it on our own even in the autumn of our lives? 

What if our desire to be like Jesus means that we live our lives with the intimacy that is modeled in the Trinity?

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