The Diary of a Cat



This is a page from the diary of my 9-year-old Siamese cat. His name is Takker, pronounced “Tucker” because he came to me as a gift on Thanksgiving and Takk is the Norwegian word for thanks. These are Takker’s own words written in the first person in his diary.

I am trying not to be depressed. I really have a very good life. I will be ten years old on October 6. When I was 7 weeks old, Roselyn’s best friend, Jean, bought me and brought me to Roselyn’s house as a surprise present on Thanksgiving. I was wrapped in a red fluffy blanket. Jean knew it was a risk but Roselyn loved me immediately once she saw my eyes peering from the middle of the blanket and figured out I was a real kitten. (At first she thought the blanket may have been a pie but when she held it she knew it was too light.) 

I meet Roselyn at the door when she comes home, never leave her side, sleep with her at night and let her cut my toenails. 

I thought everything was “purrfect” but then I caught a glimpse of a disturbing email today. It was from the veterinary clinic suggesting that I sign up for Senior Wellness. There was a test for Roselyn to take to see if she knew the risks of having an aging cat. One of the questions was about changes in weight and swimming was recommended for exercise.

I weigh 13 pounds but I am very muscular. I know swimming is a big deal for Diana Nyad, and I am glad for her but being immersed in water is a nightmare for me. If cats needed to be baptized I would have to be a Lutheran. 

I have lost 3 ounces. I barely eat enough to keep me friendly, as it is. 

I don’t know if Roselyn will fall for this wellness scam. She’s pretty astute when it comes to medical issues. She did buy a toothbrush for me. She admitted that when she was standing in the line to pay for it  she was glad her Dad was not alive to see it. That’s pretty astounding as she and her Dad were tight as can be but she knew he would have thought she had lost her mind. 

I do know she has given her coworker’s daughter, who is studying to be a veterinary assistant, permission to practice putting me in a carrying box and possible giving me a bath. I can only hope it will be a sponge bath with a dry cloth as I am as clean as a whistle. When I am not sleeping I am refreshing my fur. I am happy to help a young person seeking a career in animal health. I think I will be delightful to work with as I have a personality that has been nurtured by love and I watch for ways to give back.

 I only hope this senior wellness eamil gets deleted quickly and that I don’t need to get an attorney to get permission to refuse a bath. 

Sometimes I wish I lived on a farm. 

I think Rosleyn does too.

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2 Responses to The Diary of a Cat

  1. Joanne Terwall says:

    We would like to join the Takker Staples Fan Club!!! Love, Joanne, Dickens, and Whimsy Terwall

  2. Laurel Matchie says:

    this was so fun – I am having the privilege of cat-sitting for six weeks and enjoying every minute of it!

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