A Prayer for a Difficult Time

by Josh Wheeler


I pray for my friends during this transition. Lord, I pray that you would give them wisdom. I pray that you show them the truth of their situation. I don’t know the reality of their needs, but you do. I pray that we would see your work in this process. I pray Lord that we are able to see the situation from your perspective.

Lord, we believe that you are on a mission to glorify your Son and redeem the world. How does that happen in the midst of this? How are you working it together for the good? We ask these qustions because we know you are good, and we want to partner with you. We ask these questions because we understand your work is always good.

Father, we appreciate everyday that we have with you. Sometimes we wish we saw you face to face which would be better, but other times we want to stay and work to bring you glory. We have this life to glorify you, because in the next your presence will be all the glorification we will see. Father, give us the ability to run this life in a constant direction towards you-our home.

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1 Response to A Prayer for a Difficult Time

  1. Roselyn says:

    Thank you, Josh, for this prayer. I feel it is coming to me from my son, OK, maybe grandson. Someday you will officially be a pastor but you are being a pastor to me now. You asked me if I thought people would like to read prayers written for them by their pastor. You know my answer. I hope we hear from more readers of this blog. Roselyn

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