But, She Loved Jesus

I wasn’t prepared for the story I would hear when I called to “check up” on this Senior Adult friend. She lives in senior housing and usually attends our meetings, but I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks.

“Oh, I’m just tired,” she said. “I have new medicine for my heart and it drains me of my energy.” She quickly changed the subject and said, “You will never believe what happened this week.

I settled in to listen to the story.

She said, “You know for our Bible Study here we have a plan where those of us who live alone call each other every day to make sure we are OK.”

I interrupted and said, “Are you able to go to the Bible Studies?”

“Yes,” she answered. “I lead them.” Eager to get to her story she continued, “This week the person assigned to call J didn’t’ get an answer. So the next step was to call me and I tried to call J.  Still no answer.  I then contacted the building manager and after getting no response at J’s door he opened it and we walked in together.”

My friend started laughing as she said, “Guess what we found?”

Before I could respond she said, still laughing, “J was dead in bed.”

Trying to reconcile the words I was hearing with the joyful delivery I asked, “Is this your highlight from the week; finding your friend dead in bed.”

But Roselyn, she quickly explained, “J loved Jesus.”

She commented further, “Everything in her apartment was in its place. It looked like she was planning a trip.” Laughing again my friend said, “I have so much stuff in my apartment that when my turn comes my daughter will need a road map to find me.”

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1 Response to But, She Loved Jesus

  1. AkA: unknown says:

    That there is Sheer Bliss at its fineist. When one come to a Peace of acceptance of whats to come they prepare. To prepare for a place that has no meaning to the physical but the Spiritual. They understand that materials items her in this life have no Glory to the place that has been prepared for us. So whether we clean up before the MOST important thing is that we orepate for the after sooner than later. As sooner arrives sooner than expected!

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