Irrefutable Indicants of Aging

I find myself at home with those who may look old to other people but don’t feel old themselves. I find it amusing that people more than 80 years old don’t want to join a Senior group because they don’t want to be around old people. But I understand. I am shocked when my own denial of my own aging is brought into the light of reality.

Life is kind in regularly providing us with irrefutable indicants.

I received an invitation this week for a high school class reunion. All classes that have graduated 50 years ago or more are invited. The event starts at 10 AM rather than the 4 PM I have come to expect. The “party” closes at 4 PM rather than extending into the early morning hours.  Is it possible that this is a gathering of old people? If so, why am I invited?

I went for a walk today. It was a beautiful day but just a little windy. I wore knit jogging pants and a sweatshirt. I also brought a headband to protect my ears. I met many walkers and runners on the path. Most had shorts and tank tops. None had a head covering. Why am I wearing so many clothes? Do those who meet me think they have met an old person?

I am finding myself delighted when a younger person struggles to remember something. If someone who is obviously young gets a date confused or is unable to come up with a name I feel like celebrating inside. Is it because I don’t want my memory loss to be related to aging?

What irrefutable indicants of aging have you encountered?

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1 Response to Irrefutable Indicants of Aging

  1. Mary says:

    In my small home town, I ordered a coffee at McDonalds and was only charged 50 cents. When I asked why it was so cheap I was told it was “the senior discount”. I assumed she was referring to my mom who was sitting in a booth at the back of the restaurant. Then I realized the young high school girl couldn’t see my mom, and the “senior” reference was for me!

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